XS2A interface (PSD2)

Our „finAPI XS2A API“ interfaces follow the guidelines of the Berlin Group.


Starting from 14.03.2019, the testing possibility (in the following called „Sandbox“) for all payment release, account information as well as payment service providers, that issue card-linked payment instruments, is available without restrictions.


The Funds Check from PISP is reviewed automatically by the transaction in our architecture. In case of insufficient funds in the account, a corresponding error is returned to the caller. Thereby, the connection of an explicit Funds Check Service is not necessary.


Test Interface - XS2A Sandbox
The test interface ("XS2A-Sandbox") provides pure test data, which are located at finAPI. All details about the interface can be found in the "Developer Documentation".
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Developer documentation
The developer documentation provides you with a technical description of the individual API functions. The documentation is only available in English.

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Support Access
In the support access, developers can submit support requests. Support is provided by finAPI for the Oberbank.

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Productive XS2A interface

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Description XS2A Fallback

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XS2A statistic

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Alternatively, a support request can be sent by e-mail to  xs2a-support@finapi.io.